Monday, 31 August 2015

The best deal for P90X3, P90X3 best buy for cheap price online.

The P90X3 fitness programTony Horton's P90X3 DVD Workout - Base Kit is one of the highest selling fitness program in the world today. The actual price of the base kit is $119.85+ S&H of $19.95+Tax. That makes the price of the whole kit for around $160.00

The P90X3 original kits are available only from three different places: which offers it for the price decided by itself i.e $119.85+S&H+Tax = $160.00 approx.

Team Beachbody coach : It is hard to find one in your local area but he/she would offer it for 4 or 5 dollars less as they get it for 10% discount from Beachbody. However, most of the coaches sell it for the actual price itself to get the commission on the sale from customers as well ( they anyways get 15% commission from Beachbody). : Amazon purchases P90X3 kits in bulk from Father company of  Beachbody LLC for less amount in whole sale price as offers it on for better price.

One can get P90X3 base kit for only $139.80 with FREE SHIPPING. Yes, this is huge big deal as you save around $20.00 when you buy from

The Same kits are available in E-Bay and in craig list but however, there is no guarantee of the kits as Beachbody doesn't authorize any one to sell the product P90X3 online.

It is only Amazon which got tie up with Beach body. You may end up getting used dvds or the pirate version of the program if you buy from E-bay or other unauthorized websites.

It is our humble advise not to buy p90x3 for cheaper price from unauthorized sites as cheaper products are obviously either the lost packages in transit which were supposed to get delivered to one of the Beach body customers / stolen / pirated version. None of these kits come with any sort of guarantee and 98% of these cases which lead to damaged dvds/ missing units in the kit and Beachbody doesn't sell individual items.

Beachbody doesn't provide any customer service for the products bought from other than and . Hence , never ever buy P90X3 for cheaper price from any one.


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