Thursday, 20 February 2014

P90X3 workout schedule is classified in to three variations:

P90X3 Classis
P90X3 Doubles
P90X3 Lean

P90X3 Classic is  the most basic routine and is an ordinary type. A beginner can go for it. The Doubles and Lean are based on it.

P90X3 Lean is for people who prefer more cardio and a little less upper body resistance.

P90X3 Doubles is similar to Classic, but after 30 days you add cardio workouts. The difference between these schedules are the combination of different workouts every day to make it effective to achieve results faster and better.

Friday, 24 January 2014

P90X3 worksheets can downloaded here for free. You can simply click on the worksheets of different phases like Eccentric lower and upper , complex, Synergistics and incinerator.

Here below is the worksheet for P90X3 Eccentric lower:

Here below is the worksheet for P90X3 Eccentric Upper:


Thursday, 23 January 2014

P90X3 Workout calendar. P90X3 Workout calendar of Classic , doubles and lean for all the three months.
The below is the P90X3 calendar for Classic version

P90X3 workout calendar for Doubles version : ( CLICK THE IMAGES TO VIEW THEM IN LARGE )

1. The First month in Doubles :

P90X3Month1 Doubles

P90X3 Month2 Doubles

The Month 3 calendar in Doubles :

P90X3 Workout calendar for the Lean lovers :

Month 1 :
Month1 Lean
Month 2 : 

Month 3 :

The P90X3 Deluxe Kit includes all the items of the base kit of P90X3 and the extra items mentioned below:

          3 Elite Workouts

 • Complex Upper workout (30 minutes)
 • Complex Lower workout (30 minutes)
 • X3 Ab Ripper workout (15 minutes)

         Equipment & Nutrition Samples

• 3 Pro-Grade Resistance Bands (B-5 Orange: 25 lbs., B-7 Yellow: 35 lbs., B-9 Blue: 45lbs.)
 • E&E Energy and Endurance® (1-month supply)

P90X3 Ultimate kit includes all the items of P90X3 base kit + Deluxe kit and the below mentioned items:

        Equipment & Nutrition Samples

  • Premium Beachbody® Jump Mat
  • A Gym-Quality P90X® Chin-Up Bar
  • P90X Chin-Up Max
  • P90X Results and Recovery Formula® (1-month supply)

 P90X3 is now available for United Kingdom residents as well through Beach body.

Here below are the details of the cost and the items included in the kits:

P90X3 Base kit is £99.00 + £6.95 shipping (free shipping December 2013) includes:

• 16 workouts on 8 DVD's
• Fitness Guide
 • Nutrition Guide
• "How to Accelerate"P90X3 intro DVD

 P90X3 Deluxe kit costs  £198.00 + £6.95 shipping .

It includes all the items which are part of the base kit of P90X3+ the below items.

 • P90X3 Elite Workout DVD, which includes 3 advanced workouts:

Complex Upper: A full 30-minute explosive training workout for absolute upper body strength and power.

 Complex Lower: A full 30-minute workout that has elite moves which Tony includes to make your lower body leaner, stronger, faster.

 X3 Ab Ripper: An ab blast that takes your core strength to the next level.

• Elite Calendar
• 1-month supply Core Omega-3 fish oil
• 3 pro-grade resistance bands

P90X3 Ultimate kit is £287.85 + £6.95 of  shipping charge

It includes all the items of the Deluxe kit plus:

• Chin Up Bar
• Chin Up Max, (a tool used with your Chin Up Bar to help offset your body weight)
• Power Stands
• Jump Mat

P90X3 for cheaper price:

We would like to let you know some logic about the cost of P90X3 for UK customers.

  Usually, all the Beachbody fitness products (except supplements) are shipped internationally to UK and most of the countries with the same price they are available for US & Canada customers. Hence, UK customer shave two options in purchasing the P90X3. One from US website and the other from , but there lies a small logic about saving money.  It would be a bit cheap if you buy the product from US customer service by calling them.  It would cost only 3 payments of $39.95+shipping charge of $19.95 and some times much cheaper.

You get to save atleast $20.00+ in this way, as it costs 3 payments of $33.33+shipping charge when purchased it from UK website