Saturday, 7 December 2013

P90X3 Apps are  available in Android and I-Phone versions.

P90X3 Apps of Android was launched in December and the Apps for I-phone was launched in January 2014

P90X3 Apps has been launched with better features when compared to the P90X apps.
We all know that there was huge demand for Android apps for P90X but Beach body didn't come up with Android version but this time, Beach body has decided to come with Android app for P90X3 as well.


P90X3 APPS will reduce your stress in finding which workout need to be done at a particular time as once you set up the APPS , it simply auto-populates the correct workout.

One can Power up  P90X3 workouts for even better results with the Android /I phone App. Interactive features on Apps make it easy to stay motivated and accountable, so one can push through his/her plateaus like never before. In addition to that , one can conveniently track the reps and weights, view the customized progress reports and share the amazing results.

Would you like  to do your P90X3 workouts at the gym/at girl/boy friend's place/ On the go?
then get the  guided versions of the workouts designed specifically for your smartphone. This can help you to do the program any time/ any where.

The nutritional journal is part of the P90X3 I phone app.

How can I create my profile & add my photos in P90x3 APP ?

Tap on the "Profile" option on the navigation fly out (I-phone). From there, you can select  different fields to enter your name, measurements and also to upload photos. In order to add photos, to take a photo using your phone's camera / select an existing photo to use from your device. You can be  be able to compare the "before" and "after" pictures side by side to see the progress.

One will get personalized tools for planning and tracking the workouts and check the status/progresss on the phone.

You can also schedule non P90X3 workouts to the app such as Swimming, running, climbing. Just go to you calendar view and add as workout.

Help and Support for P90X3Apps:

Both Android and I-phone apps are available now y.
If you face any problem with Apps ,please send an email to .

Official site to purchase P90X3----- visit :   to buy the P90X3 apps from official site of  P90X3.

Cost of the P90X3 I phone app is as follows:

It costs $2.99 to purchase the app and get it installed in your handset and then each workout need to be purchased separately for $6.99 each.

The pack of all the P90X3 I-Phone/Android Apps workouts cost $59.99.

Google offers 5 workouts pack for Android version for $29.99.

Compatibility: It requires IOS 6.0 or later.


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