Wednesday, 20 November 2013

What equipment is needed to complete P90X3? The Equipment for P90X3 varies from person to person based on his/her choice, however few of them are strongly recommended by Tony Horton to use for better results.

Equipment for P90X3 are similar to what recommended for P90X.
Weights or resistance bands and a chin-up bar(or a way to do chin-ups and pull-ups) are highly recommended.

resistance bands of around 25 to 30 pounds would be enough to gain better results.

Additionally, the Chin-Up Max, Jump Mat, Tony Horton Power Stands (or other push up stands), Yoga Block and the P90X App are all recommended as well.

For the base, you may not need any equipment. You can complete the program with out equipment as well. In the same way how we could do P90X base level with out equipment, in the similar way the P90X3 base program too can be completed with out equipment. However, to elite workouts one need bands.

Does P90X3 comes with any equipment?

#The basic DVD kit will not include any equipment.

#Deluxe Kit will include  3 Pro-grade resistance bands

#Ultimate Kit will include 3 Pro-grade resistance bands, Premium Beach body® Jump Mat, Gym-Quality P90X Chin-Up Bar, P90X Chin-Up Max.

Cross trainer fitness shoes are recommended by Tony Horton unlike running shoes .

What are included in P90X3 kit? P90X3 complete description of dvds , workouts/ meal guide, calendar and fitness guide with eequipment.

Base Kit
P90X3 includes sixteen 30-minute workouts available on 8 DVDs (Not available on VHS). The base kit includes a 90-day money back guarantee.

Resistance Workouts:
Total Synergistics workout (Length: 30 minutes)
The Challenge workout (Length: 30 minutes)
Incinerator workout (Length: 30 minutes)
Eccentric Upper workout (Length: 30 minutes)
Eccentric Lower workout (Length: 30 minutes)
The Warrior workout (Length: 30 minutes)

Power Workouts:
Agility X workout (Length: 30 minutes)
Triometrics workout (Length: 30 minutes)
Decelerator workout (Length: 30 minutes)

Cardio Workouts:
CVX workout (Length: 30 minutes)
MMX workout (Length: 30 minutes)
Accelerator workout (Length: 30 minutes)

Core, Flexibility & Balance Workouts:
X3 Yoga workout (Length: 30 minutes)
Pilates X workout (Length: 30 minutes)
Isometrix workout (Length: 30 minutes)
Dynamix workout (Length: 30 minutes)

Plus, 5 Free Gifts
Fitness Guide - Your step-by-step guide to getting the most out of Tony's accelerated extreme fitness program.

Nutrition Guide - A simplified approach to healthy eating designed to get you ripped-and help you stay that way.

P90X3 Workout Calendar - Tony gives you each day's workout, so all you have to do is get in-and crush it.

"How to Accelerate" DVD - This easy-to-follow P90X3 intro shows you how to achieve your best results in the fastest time.

24/7 Online Support - Stay motivated with exclusive 'round-the-clock access to fitness experts and peer support.

The best place to buy P90X3 would be from or , however Beach body charges the actual price whereas offers it for $20.00 less than Beachbody as part of promotion.